Everyday life is stressful. Our hectic and busy schedules often leave no time for leisure activity and between the stress of our careers, family, and other responsibility it seems as though the stress will never end! As a Chiropractor, I can tell you that a large number of my patients point to stress as the […]

Does your body run on Chiropractic?

The weather has finally broken and you’re ready to get out and start running outdoors again! Inevitably, your first run of the season leaves you achy and in pain and you’re realizing its time to address some issues with your body, it’s time to see your Chiropractor. While running can be hugely therapeutic to the […]

ACA Presses Federal Government to Encourage Conservative Forms of Pain Management

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA), in recent comments submitted to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) Office of Pain Policy on the draft National Pain Strategy, strongly urges the agency to include recommendations encouraging patients and health care providers to first exhaust conservative forms of pain management, when appropriate. “Doctors of chiropractic practice a hands-on, […]

Chiropractic Physicians Urge Conservative Treatments for Pain Amid Opioid Epidemic

Chiropractic Physicians Urge Conservative Treatments for Pain Amid Opioid Epidemic During National Chiropractic Health Month (NCHM) this October, the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) will bring attention to the public health crisis caused by pain, and in particular the overuse of prescription painkillers, with the theme #PainFreeNation. The campaign is part of the chiropractic profession’s ongoing efforts to […]

BioPosture – A New Sleep Solution Now Available

I’m sure you’ve heard me ask time after time, “how’s your mattress?” or, “have you flipped/rotated your mattress lately?” That’s because sleeping, and quality of mattresses is SO important for your body to rest and recover. Due to questions regarding which mattress to buy as well as health concerns regarding flame retardant on mattresses, I […]

Lettuce help you with our Spring Gardening Tips!

Spring time is the time for digging gardens, planting flowers and preparing your yard to look beautiful! Here are our spring gardening tips to keep in mind so that you can keep your body working through the task without injury: STRETCH! Think of gardening as an intense exercise, you will be using muscles that you […]

Tips for Shoveling Snow

We’ve made it through the majority of January with little to no snow. Don’t celebrate just yet, because this weekend NY is preparing for up to a foot of snowfall. Snow, ice and dropping temperatures are the cause of a lot of complaints this time of year in a Chiropractic office. Slip and fall injuries […]

Chiropractic and Stroke Risk

In the past week I have read two disturbing articles that are making statements regarding the cervical manipulation and verterbrobasilar artery (VBA) stroke. A few patients have had questions regarding these articles, so I wanted to devote a blog post to addressing this issue and calming fears. Please keep in mind that there are no […]

What to expect after your first visit with a Chiropractor

What to Expect After Your First Visit   Relief. For the most part, after just 24 hours of their first visit with a Chiropractor patients report relief. People explain a difference in the way they feel as looser, having more range of motion, sleeping better, and less pain. Some even report a surge of energy! […]

FAQ: Ice or Heat

Most Frequently Asked Questions: Heat vs. Ice “Do I use ice or heat, doc?” This is a question I get day after day in my practice. First let’s simplify and look at what effects ice and heat have on the body. Heat: -opens up blood vessels -increases blood flow -relaxes muscles -alleviates pain Ice: -slows […]

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