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We carry several products in stock in our office, or they can be purchased at our NutraMetrix online store. Not sure what supplements you need? Take the Nutrimetrix Quiz and find out which supplements are right for you, go to our store and take the Nutri-Physical.

Why nutraMetrix?

One quality that makes nutraMetrix© different from other brands is our standard of istotonic-capable nutritional supplementation. Isotonic-capapable nutritional supplements are simply the most effective means of delivering the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients the body needs daily. Unlike traditional tablets that must dissolve in the stomach before absorption can begin, isotonic supplements do not require digestion. Isotonic nutrients pass quickly through the stomach and are absorbed efficiently via the small intestine. So instead of waiting up to 40 minutes for digestion and absorption to occur with tablets, nutraMetrix© isotonic-capable supplements are absorbed immediately. With isotonic-capable supplements, you and your health care professional can decide which combination of nutraMetrix© products will best promote your optimal health.

Why You Need Supplements!

Hectic Lifestyles Lead to Poor Food Choices: Today’s lifestyles are fast-paced. From the office to after-school sports practices to dance recitals to take-home work, your schedule rules your life. Many times, that makes eating a proper diet somewhat difficult. A cereal bar and coffee is breakfast in the car as you’re running late for work. Lunch might come from a vending machine because you don’t have time for anything else. The fast-food drive-thru looks like a time-saving and attractive option on the way home, albeit an unhealthy one. The problem is, poor nutrition — not getting enough vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat — has a negative impact on your health.

Fewer Nutrients in Today’s Foods — Even in Healthy Options: Even when eating a balanced diet, it is difficult to consume the optimal amounts of vitamins and minerals each day. A tomato grown today doesn’t have the same nutritional value as a tomato grown 50 years ago, as chemicals used to fertilize soil lead to nutrient loss. Farm-raising animals for food has given way to hormone treatments and feedlots, greatly reducing the nutrient levels in livestock.

Being Overweight is on the Rise — For All Ages: According to the International Conference on Nutrition and Fitness, the purpose of diet is to supply energy and nutrients required for optimal health. Energy intake must be balanced against physical activity. If you aren’t eating properly, you’re not getting the proper nutrients. If you’re not getting the proper nutrients, you don’t have the energy to be active and fit.

High Stress Leads to Problems: Studies have shown that the body depletes its stores of nutrients when under stress, which can lead to health problems. Likewise, if you are lacking nutrients, your body will not be equipped to handle stress effectively.

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