Carol R

5/5 I highly recommend Dr. Caitlin. After 5 weeks of Physical Therapy I started seeing Dr. Caitlin and have significant improvement with my neck, shoulder and arm pain. Dr. Caitlin has been very informative with instructions for exercises to do between our visits. November 2014 Read More Carol R

Brad K

5/5 Excellent service for a great rate. I’ve been to many Chiropractors and was very impressed. December 2014 Read More Brad K

Matt E

5/5 For the past 4 years I’ve been to numerous Chiropractors and I’m happy to say that Dr. Caitlin is by far the best!! I was actually wrongfully diagnosed by my previous Chiro…Dr. Caitlin identified the issue and my recovery has been amazing. So happy I found this practice! December 2014 Read More Matt E

Mike C

5/5 Dr Caitlin has been very helpful in relieving pain in my upper back and neck. She explained to me that my posture at work is causing stress on a particular muscle near my shoulder blade. With her help I made a simple adjustment with my chair and the pain has gone away! April 2014 […]

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